Solstice - Turn-Based Strategy Card Game

Solstice is a turn-based card game where you vie for control of a Solarpunk-inspired City. Each player campaigns as a Faction Leader and tries to get the favor of the City’s Districts. Gather resources, use your leverage and sway Districts in an attempt to become the most influential candidate.

Premiered at Miller Institute for Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh -
Finalist for Board Game Design Lab 2019 Design Challenge -

Production: Adela Kapuścińska -
Game/Story Design: Andrew Chang, Adela Kapuścińska
Balancing: Andrew Chang
Poster/Marketing Sheet Design: Andrew Chang
Card/Board Design: Adela Kapuścińska
Video Editing: Adela Kapuścińska
Manufacturing (Tokens): Sydney Ayers -

Link with full credits for art used:

Solstice: BGDC Trailer