Game of Chance
Andrew chang game of chance
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Andrew chang dice game

"You were so average, so mundane, So Boring before you died.
Morally apathetic, Consciously uninteresting.

I have the good, the bad, the morally ambiguous, the spiritually dubious,
the strong man, the weak bully, the Worm...
but then there's YOU.

You're in Limbo right now because I can't figure out if you deserve
to live in heaven or burn in hell for you Boringness.

So, how about it?
Give me one last laugh. Let me see you claw and scrape for something
for once in your life. Today you decide for me whether you go
to Heaven or Hell."

A little rough around the edges, but a promising concept that I prototyped along with Sheenu You ( What if you could control the die after you rolled it? Coded the player controllers, tweaked the physics, writing, particles, designed the premise and game mechanics.

You can press Shift to change camera view, Space to launch the die or advance dialogue, and WASD or Arrow Keys to shift and roll the die.